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About Get Naked Espresso Bar

Prior to 2013 you would’ve been hard-pressed to find a Melbourne-worthy espresso bar in the regional city of Bendigo, better known for its rich Gold Rush heritage and historic beauty. That is until Get Naked Espresso Bar opened, focusing its attention on one thing, and one thing only: delivering a consistently perfect cup of coffee, without skipping a beat.

Owner and Bendigo local, Jesse Gollan, realised his passion for espresso bar-style coffee after moving to Brisbane and learning the ropes behind the machine at a local cafe. Upon returning home to Bendigo, Jesse further honed his barista skills in one of the city’s most reputable cafes, picking up tips and tricks from his boss, Ryan Lynch.

In 2013 Jesse and had his first baby barista, Parker, and decided that opening his own cafe would offer the flexibility and security necessary to maintain that often fickle work-life balance. Passionate about consistently great coffee, Jesse quickly set out to build a caffeine-obsessed community hub, where a great brew and tip-top customer service reigned supreme.

He transformed a nostalgic lolly and chocolate shop into something a little more cafe-friendly, with pallet-based furniture, white tiles and chalkboards. A bar along the counter provides a front-row seat to all the action at the Slayer Coffee Machine, while the huge courtyard proves to be the perfect spot for a brew under the morning sun.

When it came to selecting a boutique bean supplier, Jesse turned to his ex-boss Ryan, the co-owner of Honeybird Coffee, a roaster based in Mount Beauty. While the working relationship was already there, Jesse was impressed by the team’s dedication to double and triple checking each roast to ensure premium quality and consistency.

Velvet Assassin is the cafe’s house blend of choice, a medium roast combining beans from Colombia, Brazil and Papa New Guinea, with notes of honey, almond and a touch of lemon acidity. It’s the perfect blend for Get Naked’s brew of choice, espresso, offering a balance of body and flavour.

For those who love coffee enough to take it home, Get Naked Espresso also offers beans to take home. A three-month subscription of the Velvet Assassin will ensure you’re never left without your morning cup.

Whether you’re after a quick standing espresso, or an hour-long chat with friends over a frothy cappuccino, Get Naked can accommodate almost any occasion. The space also encompasses Handle Bar, an evening craft-beer venue open Thursday to Sunday evening, providing a space to BYO food from one of the neighbouring eateries.

Unpretentious and relaxed, Get Naked Espresso Bar offers great coffee and good old-fashioned customer service; it’s a community hub where caffeine lovers are instantly welcomed into the family.